BOOK LOOK- Free Range Learning by Laura Grace Weldon – Chapter 1

~~~ BOOK LOOK ~~~

Review & Reflections

Free Range Learning:

How Homeschooling Changes Everything

by Laura Grace Weldon

~ Review ~

Oh my, where to begin! 🙂

Quite simply just go to your local library, bookstore, or online and get this book. Now! ASAP!

If you were to only have one homeschool, unschooling, life learning book on your shelf this would be my top pick.

This book encompasses so many of my core beliefs on life learning and how to raise children (and yourself!) in a mindful and wholehearted way.

It has EVERYTHING you need from explaining why to take your first steps into the homeschool arena, providing you with continued support throughout your learning adventures, and truly underscoring all that is essential to this life learning life style.

Laura does a fabulous and thorough job of sharing both philosophy and practical thoughts on how you and your family can navigate through this learning journey together.

And since there is so much good stuff in this book I have decided to turn this into a multi-part series with a reflection section on each chapter and sharing with you my lived experience as a 20+ year veteran homeschool mom (aka homeschool visionista).

Truly this is a volume worth immersing in and exploring thoroughly. You and your family will be so glad you did.

Let’s begin this journey with Chapter 1 – Natural Learning Happens Everywhere.

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~ Reflections ~

A Simple Gift – Learning Happens Everywhere

A truer statement could not be spoken. This is at the heart of it ALL.

This is also the very premise on which  P.L.A.Y. Passionate Learning All Year is based.

As the adult you are now, or even better when you were a child,  can you think of any situation in which there isn’t an opportunity for growth and learning? Nope.

Every day we have the chance to learn and expand what we know, how we know it, getting it into our bones, digging deeper, and playing with ideas to fully engage with the human experience.

Laura says on page 1 in Chapter 1 –

“And, of course, children play. Play is generative, transforming the ordinary into something unique. It also imparts advanced social skills and a creative approach to life.”

And there in lies the place in which she steps off from to lead you through this realization that kiddos have been playing, learning, and working side-by-side with their families since the beginning of time. Folks of all ages engaging together, indoors and out, naturally modeling for each other the skills they need to survive and thrive.

Work and play go hand-in-hand, at every age and stage of our lives, and now more than ever with the mindful and beneficial use of technology we can create lives that match our natural rhythms and earn a livelihood that allows us to be inspired and engaged daily. We can pursue our passions, play along the way, and share our hard work with the world naturally learning throughout the journey.

In other words, to both kiddos and adults, this book gives you permission to embrace your authentic selves, give yourself the space and grace to let your natural talents shine through, and bring these gifts forward to be of service throughout your lifetime.

AND if you can weave connecting to and engaging with nature into all of this work and play it will benefit you, your loved ones, and the planet ten fold.  Your authentic Work + P.L.A.Y. + Nature is a recipe for a full-filling life sharing your true gifts.

Sounds like pure genius right? That is what Laura call’s using one’s gifts – true genius.

So, what are you waiting for?

Time to experience P.L.A.Y. in action by picking up your copy of Free Range Learning by Laura Grace Weldon and putting it into practice today.

You and your family will be ever so glad you did.

Sending Smiles ~ Karen 🙂

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