BOOK LOOK – Swirl by Swirl: Spirals in Nature by Joyce Sidman

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Swirl by Swirl: Spirals in Nature

by Joyce Sidman

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Karen’s short + long of it with P.L.A.Y.ful story preview & P.L.A.Y.-filled activity adventure suggestions.

P.L.A.Y.ful story preview (short):

Special Spiral Shape Seen thru the Seasons

Nature Noticing

Beautiful Block Print Style Scenes


P.L.A.Y.-filled activity adventure suggestions (long):

  • Challenge: As you go through the seasons can you find some of Joyce’s spiral treasures out in nature?
  • Super Challenge: Draw spirals in the sand or snow – with a finger or stick – large and unfurling or tight and curling!
  • Super-Duper Challenge: Select another shape and keep a nature journal to record your findings and discoveries over one season (or even an entire year!).

Capkins LOVE to be read to – especially playful nature themed story books!

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