BOOK LOOK – In a Nutshell by Joseph Anthony

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In A Nutshell

by Joseph Anthony

Karen’s short + long of it with P.L.A.Y.ful story preview & P.L.A.Y.-filled activity adventure suggestions.

P.L.A.Y.ful story preview (short):

Noticing in Nature in a Nutshell

Acorn: Adventure of a Lifetime

Collecting Connections

P.L.A.Y.-filled activity adventure suggestions (long):

  • Challenge: Select one thing in nature and learn about the life cycle adventure it goes through. Example: Plant, Rock, Brook, etc.
  • Super Challenge: What are the changes or transformations this natural item goes through? Over how long – days, months, years? What does it look like? Perhaps draw the cycle in your Nature Adventures journal.
  • Super-Duper Challenge: What connections do you see to other things in nature during the transformation process of the item you are studying? Any surprises? Example: In the story the cherry tree is linked back to the oak tree and acorn.

Capkins LOVE to be read to – especially P.L.A.Y.-filled nature themed story books!

  Be sure to visit and support your local library! ❤ ❤ ❤