BOOK LOOK – Crinkleroot’s Guide to Giving Back to Nature by Jim Arnosky

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Crinkleroot’s Guide to Giving Back to Nature

by Jim Arnosky

Karen’s short + long of it with P.L.A.Y.ful story preview & P.L.A.Y.-filled activity adventure suggestions.

P.L.A.Y.ful story preview (short):

Clever & Curious Crinkleroot = He Knows Nature

Simply Stated = How to Do Our Part to Protect Planet Earth

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P.L.A.Y.-filled activity adventure suggestions (long):

  • Challenge: What calls to you: spreading seeds, planting, setting up bird feeders, protecting spaces, or ??? Time to make a plan!
  • Super Challenge: What needs your attention locally to help the planet? What do you see or hear folks talking about? What small steps can you take to help out or spread the word?
  • Super-Duper Challenge: Jim Arnosky’s stories with his Crinkleroot character have been created by getting outdoors in nature every day and P.L.A.Y.-ing. Read more about how his day’s are filled with doing artistic work indoors for 20 minute sessions and then getting outdoors for long walks in-between. What could your day look like so you are connecting to nature & P.L.A.Y. as often as possible?

Capkins LOVE to be read to – especially playful nature themed story books!

  Be sure to visit and support your local library ❤ ❤ ❤