P.L.A.Y. Project: Snowflakes + Cool Crystals #1

Welcome to my new P.L.A.Y. project:

Snowflakes & Cool Crystals

THANK YOU so much Snowflake Bentley!!!

My latest project was inspired by both the winter season and my favorite go to inspiration space aka the children’s section of the library filled with deliciously engaging picture, chapter, and resource books on every topic imaginable. Love it!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

I got started by reading a few of the titles mentioned in this post, gathering a few simple materials, and jumping in with both mittens!

A few fun tricky challenges so far have been to figure out which snow moments will produce the best crystal flakes. Typically it is the “fairy dust” moments that actually produce the most true to shape and spectacular flakes. The heavy snow storms tend to produce balls, slivers, or even slop all piled up.

Either way I am known to run out the door and onto the front porch at a moments notice to see if I can catch a few snapshots of the latest fluffy white fun falling from the sky.

It has also been an interesting challenge to photograph the snowflakes close-up with my simple phone camera. The photos in the books I mention below were taken with special lenses and microscopes.

I like seeing what I can come up with using what little equipment I have and seeing if over time things will become “crystal clear” with practice and fine tuning!

Join me in this seasonal fun by reading these enjoyable titles and getting outdoors for P.L.A.Y. time!

Begin with . . .

add in this geometric eye candy . . .

and continue engaging your curious mind with this!

Check back for more snowy book titles in my next post titled

Project: Snowflake + Cool Crystals #2 <HERE>!

Curious Capkins love getting outdoors to P.L.A.Y. with you in all seasons and all weather!

Throw on your snow suit, kiddos and folks of all ages, and make tracks to your favorite nature spot and check out those snowflakes!

Ready? Let’s go!

❤ ❤ ❤