P.L.A.Y. Project: Snowflakes + Cool Crystals #2

Welcome to my new P.L.A.Y. project:

Snowflakes & Cool Crystals

First post in this series is <HERE>.

I continue to P.L.A.Y. whenever the “white stuff” appears out my window.

And I still find the up close photos to be a challenge. However, I am very much appreciating the shapes I am discovering even with the finer details missing.

I am also enjoying the unexpected benefit of getting some clearly defined silhouettes of the snowflakes once they melt into the black paper. Cool!

Still making my way towards “crystal clear” and wish this beauty below was a bit more focused!

Engaging with this project continues to feel P.L.A.Y.-filled , both a positive challenge and like a work in progress, so I will forge ahead with rereading the books while looking for more details and also looking for outdoor opportunities to test out new techniques.

This is how P.L.A.Y. looks for me and I look forward to sharing more with you!

❤ ❤ ❤

Join me by reading more enjoyable titles and then getting outdoors for P.L.A.Y. time!

Continue with these 3 great titles all from Kenneth Libbrecht who is a modern day snowflake and crystal expert!

Start here with this easy to read and great for the whole family introduction and up-close look at the art and science of snowflakes.

Then continue with this fun field guide that you can take outdoors or use when you come back in to identify types of snowflakes (while drinking your cup of cocoa!)

This volume goes into much greater depth and is a wonderful read with fabulous pictures IF you want to take it to the next level!

Stay tuned for more Project Snowflake + Cool Crystal updates!

Curious Capkins love getting outdoors to P.L.A.Y. with you in all seasons and all weather!

Throw on your snow suit, kiddos and folks of all ages, and make tracks to your favorite nature spot and check out those snowflakes!

Ready? Let’s go!

❤ ❤ ❤