Beaver BOOK LOOK 18 (+videos) The Adventures of Paddy the Beaver (Annotated) by Karen L. Willard

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The Adventures of Paddy the Beaver (Annotated):

A P.L.A.Y. Nature Story Activity Book

by Karen L. Willard

Learn all about amazing beaver behaviors in this P.L.A.Y.-filled nature story activity book based on the Thornton Burgess animal adventure series.

Bonus P.L.A.Y. Beaver VIDEO Series

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Video 33 <HERE>

 Timberrrrrrr Take 2!

Paddy the Beaver has managed to balance his work beyond belief leaving just a few bites undone!

It was so tempting to walk over and just push this tree over, however I left it to unfold naturally with Paddy and Mother Nature writing the story.


Video 34 <HERE>

Here is more of this magic act seen a few days later from every angle.

The tree is only resting on a few thin branches up above and really just needs one good push from Old Mother West Wind.

Stay Tuned!

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This P.L.A.Y. guide book provides hours of entertainment as a read aloud to share with the whole family, a community group, in a classroom, or to simply curl up with solo.

The BONUS P.L.A.Y. guide pages include opportunities to:

  • illustrate each chapter
  • photos shared of real beaver activity
  • tree themed and blank nature journaling pages
  • recommended resources and so much more


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