Family Gardening #6: Strengthen Your Seedlings

P.L.A.Y. in Place with a Plan – Time to Get Growing!

Seedlings just about ready to see their new outdoor home!


This is all about you and your family.

Time to P.L.A.Y. and dig in the dirt and get things growing!


Plan A: Your seedlings are just about ready to head outdoors.

Plan B: If your seeds never really took, no worries, head out to your local garden center with a short list of plants you’d like to try and be sure to thank these folks for all their expertise in getting those seeds to grow and providing you with the option of starter plants!


Backyard Bliss!

Plan ahead by checking your local weather conditions as both the plants and your family members will appreciate being outdoors and digging in the new garden when it is “warmer and not wetter”!

In this month of May my family members continue to take their seedling trays of veggie + flower plants in and out of the house as a daily practice.

By placing the seedlings out in mid-morning on the south side of the house they are receiving warmth, sunshine, and getting more sturdy with the gentle breezes.

They bring them back in at night as the temperatures still fall into the 30’s up here in New England.


Family Gardening continues to be a perfect P.L.A.Y. in Place Plan as it has been since before Victory Gardens in the early 1900’s with bonus benefits of being in nature throughout the seasons, growing foods and beneficial flowers, and being able to be right in your own backyard!

 P.L.A.Y. Connection Opportunities:

Have your family members look up Victory Gardens and discover their origins and purpose. If you have a multi-generational family living situation you may have the benefit of asking an elder family member what they remember of those times or if their parents had told them stories of that era.

Also, as a side note, be sure to put planting bulbs on your autumn “to do” list so that when spring rolls around next year there will be instant beauty and gardening inspiration popping-up right outside your door! Family members could begin looking up which type of bulbs they would like best and the locations that suit them.

Early blooms from bulbs appear at our home as a Curious Capkin takes in the gorgeous sight and spring scent!


  • This series will continue to follow the seasons and growing patterns according to living here in a Zone 5 northern New England climate and you’ll need to adjust accordingly.
  • The specific gardening needs you have can simply be answered using your favorite search engine online seeking DIY instructions as well as library eBooks and audiobooks (especially as we are all asked to continue to P.L.A.Y. in Place at the time of this posting).
  • P.L.A.Y. is here to encourage you and your family on your gardening journey simply by posting some of our experiences as inspiration and basic prompts to growing food and flowers.

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This P.L.A.Y. series is for everyone! Pass it on!

  • If you are new to gardening this series is designed to encourage you and your family to take small steps towards growing foods and flowers of any kind and any amount.
  • If you’ve tinkered with gardening in the past and things didn’t always work out this series is here to encourage you to try again AND do it as a family focusing on each individuals strengths to help it all come together.
  • This series will offer up suggestions for basic leaping off points where you and your family can begin and choose to deep dive or keep it simple in the world of gardening.
  • Most of all this series will be a source of encouragement and hopefully an inspiration to simply get in the dirt (aka garden) and P.L.A.Y. and the rest will “bee what it will bee”.

Simply BEE!