TOAD #3: Egg Strands

How LONG do you think the typical toad egg strands are?

The strands I discovered at the river’s edge were roughly 25 feet long.

The strands of jelly like substance puff up with water when they are first released and then the black eggs space out and leave gaps of room for the tadpoles to grow for a few days or up to ten days before they then hatch out of the strings.

Often, as seen here, the strands become covered with “dust” particles from movement in the river or water location.

How many black eggs are there per inch? per strand?

The toad egg strands I found had 10 black eggs per inch.

So roughly how many toad eggs is that per strand?

Simply based on my observation there were 10 eggs per inch which means 10 eggs x 12 inches =120 eggs in 1 foot and then multiply that by roughly 25 feet in a strand.

That means there were approximately 3,000 black eggs in just ONE strand with “oodles” of strings discovered up and down the river’s edge!

Close-up videos of egg strands flowing in the water on PINTEREST HERE and  HERE.

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