TOAD #11: WARNING Graphic Photos

WARNING: Graphic Biology PHOTOS

Why would a butterfly feed on a dead toad?

My resident butterfly expert (aka my daughter) was actually able to quickly answer this question when I returned from my walk and shared this photo and video with her. I’ll let you uncover the mystery – (video HERE on Pinterest).

Why would females have their heads bit off and not the males?

I’ve been pondering this question since late spring when the toads were mating and I discovered a total of 10 females over 2 weeks time with their heads bitten off. Last year I only discovered one female like this.

So far the mystery remains as all I have found in my search is that some animals bite off the heads and eat the rest of the toad (not in this case) and the head is very toxic.

P.L.A.Y. Adventure Time

  • Sometimes we come upon unexpected things out in nature and they may be challenging to look at for some or fascinating to others. As a family it is important to honor everyone’s P.L.A.Y. time and respect how each person needs to proceed be it curiosity from afar or curiosity close-up. Communicating our needs, at all ages and stages, is key as we explore the great outdoors and the nature of all things.
  • Do you have any recent mysteries that you’ve seen outdoors? Do you have a bunch of unanswered questions? Capture them in a notebook and keep your eyes open and keep searching for answers. You’ll be surprised where the mysteries take you!

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