BEAVER – Chapter 4 – The Adventures of Paddy the Beaver (Annotated)

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Sammy Jay Speaks Up and Gets Curious

When Sammy Jay reached the place deep in the Green Forest where Paddy the Beaver was so hard at work, he didn’t hide as had the little four footed people. You see he had no reason to hide because he felt perfectly safe up in the trees. Paddy had just cut a big tree and it fell with a crash as Sammy came hurrying up. Sammy was so surprised that for a minute he couldn’t speak. He had not supposed that anybody except Farmer Brown or Farmer Brown’s boy could cut down so large a tree as that, and it quite took his breath away. “How in the world did you do that?” Sammy asked with great curiosity once he got his voice back.

Paddy the Beaver looked up with a twinkle in his eyes. “Oh, hello, Mr. Jay! I suspect you are not accustom to trees crashing down unless it is in a storm when rough Brother North Wind whips up!” he said.

“Absolutely right you are!” said Sammy, hopping up and down, as he was still startled.

“Ha, ha, ha!” laughed Peter Rabbit down below, who had quite forgotten that he was hiding.

“Oh, how do you do, Mr. Rabbit? I’m very glad you have called on me this morning,” said Paddy, just as if he hadn’t known all the time just where Peter was. “Mr. Jay seems to have been startled this morning by my work. And what about you Peter?”

Peter laughed again. ” Oh, I’m alright as long as I stay here tucked out of the way while you make those trees come crashing down. It was worth it just to see Sammy Jay jump!”

Sammy Jay looked down at Peter. Then he looked over at Paddy. All Sammy could do was shake his head and then inch closer to inspect what Paddy was doing. Paddy kept right on working, paying no attention to Sammy looking on from overhead. This made Sammy even more curious and so he kept coming nearer and nearer until at last he was in the very tree that Paddy happened to be cutting. Paddy’s eyes twinkled.

Just at that moment Paddy thumped the ground with his tail, which is his way of warning folks to watch out, and suddenly scurried away as fast as he could run. Sammy Jay was so surprised and he suddenly felt himself falling. With barely time for a screech he spread his wings to fly and branches of the tree swept him down right with them into the Laughing Brook.

You see while Sammy had been trying to figure out how the trees were being cut by Paddy’s big teeth, Paddy the Beaver had cut down the very tree in which Sammy was sitting.

Thankfully Sammy wasn’t hurt, he was just wet and muddy. And for the moment, Sammy was the most miserable looking Jay that you ever did see.

Paddy the Beaver immediately spoke to all the little folks from the Green Meadows and Smiling Pool who were still new to his work and he said “this is a building site folks and you need to stay clear of my work so that no one else lands in the mud!”

The little folks who were hiding all nodded in agreement and then a slight chuckle rippled through the Green Forest as they all looked at the soggy Sammy Jay. Even Sammy had to laugh on the inside just the tiniest bit as he began to clean his feathers and then flew off to make his way back to the Green Meadows.

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BEAVER Video #7

BEAVER Video #8

 Hear an update looking above and in the beaver canal.

 Still harvesting beaver food – see the wood chips and teeth marks up close!

Collection of local BEAVER videos #1-44 on PINTEREST

From January 2019 to March 2020 signs of beaver activity near my home in the hilltowns of Massachusetts were P.L.A.Y.-fully captured in photos and videos to share these wonder and awe filled adventures with you.

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