BEAVER – Chapter 11 – The Adventures of Paddy the Beaver (Annotated)

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Peter Rabbit and Jerry Muskrat Are Puzzled

Jerry Muskrat took Paddy up on his invitation and visited every night to watch Paddy at work building his new home. Peter Rabbit was there too and so one night Jerry swam over to see what Peter thought of the building project. As Jerry approached he found Peter sitting up very straight and staring with big round eyes at the platform of mud and sticks out in the water where Paddy the Beaver was at work.

“Well, Peter, what do you think of it?” asked Jerry.

“What is it?” asked Peter with great curiosity. “Is it another dam?”

Jerry chuckled a bit to himself and then exclaimed “Why it’s Paddy’s new house!”

“Wow – I didn’t know that that pile of mud and sticks is meant for a house!” Peter said with even greater curiosity and amazement, ”it certainly doesn’t look it. Where is the door?”

“Well, this is what I can tell you,” replied Jerry, “it has a door all right. In fact, it has three doors. You can’t see them because they are under water, and there is a passage from each right up through that platform of mud and sticks, which is the foundation of the house. It really is a very fine foundation, Peter; it really is. I just can’t figure out why Paddy is building that great pile of mud right in the middle. When he gets his walls built, where will his bedroom be? There doesn’t look to be much room for him at all.”

Peter scratched his head and then pulled his whiskers thoughtfully as he gazed out at the pile in the water where Paddy the Beaver looked like he was piling sticks.

Now all this time Paddy had been hard at work. He was bringing the longest branches which he had cut from the trees out of which he had built his dam, and a lot of slender willow and alder poles. He pushed these ahead of him as he swam. When he reached the foundation of his house, he would lean them against the pile of mud in the middle with their big ends resting on the foundation. So he worked all the way around until by and by the mud pile in the middle couldn’t be seen. It was completely covered with sticks, and they were cunningly fastened together at the tops.

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BEAVER Video #21

BEAVER Video #22

 Paddy the Beaver has been leaving clues of his work with both a tail trail off in the distance heading for the river (far right) and breaking through ice holes in the beaver canal (bottom center).

 Munch, munch, munch, Paddy the Beaver taste tests his lunch!

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From January 2019 to March 2020 signs of beaver activity near my home in the hilltowns of Massachusetts were P.L.A.Y.-fully captured in photos and videos to share these wonder and awe filled adventures with you.