BEAVER – Chapter 12 – The Adventures of Paddy the Beaver (Annotated)

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Jerry Muskrat Learns Something

Of course Peter told every one he met that Paddy the Beaver was building his house in a curious manner, and that Jerry Muskrat, who builds his house in the Smiling Pool and ought to know, said it was so too.

So whenever they got the chance, the little people of the Green Forest and the Green Meadows would steal up to the shore of Paddy’s new pond and sit and wonder as they looked out at the great pile of sticks and mud which Paddy had built for a house, in which it looked as if he had forgotten to make a room.

Jerry and Peter sat in the moonlight talking it over. Paddy had stopped bringing sticks for his wall. He dove down out of sight, and he was gone a long time. Suddenly Jerry noticed that the water had grown very, very muddy all around Paddy’s new house. He wrinkled his brows trying to think what Paddy could be doing. Presently Paddy came up for air. Then he went down again, and the water grew muddier than ever. This went on for a long time. Every little while Paddy would come up for air and a few minutes of rest. Then down he would go, and the water would grow muddier and muddier.

At last Jerry could stand it no longer. He just had to see what was going on. He slipped into the water and swam over to where the water was muddiest. Just as he got there up came Paddy.

“Hello, Cousin Jerry!” he said. “I was just going to invite you over to see what you think of the inside of my house. Just follow me.”

Paddy dove, and Jerry dove after him. He followed Paddy in at one of the three doorways under water and up a smooth hall right into the biggest, nicest bedroom Jerry had ever seen in all his life. He just gasped in sheer surprise. Here he was in this splendid great room up above the water, and he had been so sure that there wasn’t any room at all! He just didn’t know what to make of it!

Paddy’s eyes twinkled. “Well,” he said, “what do you think of it?”

“I–I–think it is splendid, just perfectly splendid! However, I don’t understand it at all, Cousin Paddy. Where is that great pile of mud I helped you build in the middle?” Jerry said sounding quite confused.

“Why, I’ve dug it all away. That’s what made the water so muddy,” replied Paddy.

“Well why did you build it in the first place?” Jerry persisted.

“Because I had to have something to rest my sticks against while I was building my walls,” replied Paddy. “When I got the tops fastened together for a roof, they didn’t need a support any longer, and then I dug it away to make this room. I couldn’t have built such a big room any other way.”

“A-mazing,” said Jerry.

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BEAVER Video #23

BEAVER Video #24

 Paddy has stepped out of his lodge and made his mark again with a tail trail to the open and flowing river even though the beaver canal is all iced over.

Beaver canal all iced over after many days and nights with frigid temperatures.

 Rising water levels have impacted the beaver dam and the river after a heavy 24 hour winter rain storm passes through.

Collection of BEAVER videos #1-44 on PINTEREST

From January 2019 to March 2020 signs of beaver activity near my home in the hilltowns of Massachusetts were P.L.A.Y.-fully captured in photos and videos to share these wonder and awe filled adventures with you.