BEAVER – Chapter 19 – The Adventures of Paddy the Beaver (Annotated)

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Old Man Coyote Tries Another Plan

For three nights Old Man Coyote had stolen up through the Green Forest with the coming of the Black Shadows and had hidden among the aspen trees where Paddy the Beaver cut his food, and for three nights Paddy had failed to come ashore. Each night he had seemed to have enough food logs in the water to keep him busy without cutting more. Old Man Coyote lay there, and the hungry look in his eyes changed to one of doubt and then to suspicion. Could it be that Paddy the Beaver was smarter than he thought? It began to look very much as if Paddy knew perfectly well that he was hiding there each night. For three nights Paddy hadn’t cut a single tree, and yet each night he had plenty of food logs ready to take to his storehouse in the pond.

“That means that he comes ashore in the daytime and cuts his trees,” thought Old Man Coyote, tired and frustrated, he trotted home the third night. “He couldn’t have found out about me himself. It must be that some one has told him. And nobody knows that I have been over there except Sammy Jay. It must be he who has told on me. I think I’ll visit Paddy by daylight tomorrow, and then we’ll see!”

That afternoon Old Man Coyote tried his new plan. He slipped into the Green Forest, looking this way and that way to be sure that no one saw him. Then very, very softly, he crept up through the Green Forest towards the pond of Paddy the Beaver. As he drew near, he heard a crash, and it made him smile. He knew what it meant. It meant that Paddy was at work cutting down trees. With his stomach almost on the ground, he crept forward little by little, little by little, taking the greatest care not to rustle so much as a leaf. Presently he reached a place where he could see the aspen trees, and there sure enough was Paddy, sitting up on his hind legs and hard at work cutting another tree.

Old Man Coyote lay down for a few minutes to watch. Then he wriggled a little nearer. Slowly and carefully he drew his legs under him and made ready for a rush. Paddy the Beaver was his at last! At just that very minute a harsh alarm rang out right over his head “Jaay-Jaay!”

It was Sammy Jay, who had silently followed him all the way. Paddy the Beaver didn’t stop to even look around. He knew what that alarm meant, and he scrambled down his little path to the water as he never had scrambled before. And as he dove in with a great splash, Old Man Coyote landed with a great jump on the very edge of the pond.

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BEAVER Video #35

BEAVER Video #36

How will Paddy the Beaver get this tree down?

Mother Nature made her next move and the tree is now solidly on the ground, off of the timber pedestal, with the limbs still stuck up above. 

Simply speechless as the river waters rage down the beaver channel, past the lodge, and break apart the dam.

We’ve had many days of above average temperatures that caused early snow melt in the middle of winter followed by heavy rain (vs. snow) all converging at once.

Paddy may need to select a better location for his home, perhaps create a channel that is a bit further from the river, as this one floods too often.

Collection of BEAVER videos #1-44 on PINTEREST

From January 2019 to March 2020 signs of beaver activity near my home in the hilltowns of Massachusetts were P.L.A.Y.-fully captured in photos and videos to share these wonder and awe filled adventures with you.