BEAVER – Chapter 24 – The Adventures of Paddy the Beaver (Annotated)

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Paddy’s Winter Tail Trail

And so Paddy had cut down the trees he needed, engineered a dam to make a pond, built a canal, created his storehouse of foods, and completed his lodge. It was now time to hunker down and settle in for the long winter. He thanked Sammy Jay again for his help, said he’d see all the little four footed people in the spring when the ice thawed, and then dove under the water to his cozy home.

Paddy stayed mostly under the ice of the pond all that winter eating from his storehouse of tree branch bark, nibbling at some leftover water lily roots here and there, and staying warm and dry in his lodge.

Once in a while during the winter, if the ice melted back on the pond and there was an opening, Paddy would wander down along the Laughing Brook. On this rare occasion all the other four legged little people and feathered friends of the Green Forest knew he had taken a stroll and that he was well as he always left behind a wonderful trail with his tail. What a true tell * tail * sign!

When Paddy did make these rare ventures out he always had two things in mind: Keeping an eye out for Old Man Coyote who was active at that time of year and setting his sights on finding a mate for life and creating a family to share his new home deep in the beautiful Green Forest.


Beaver Video #44 

 After 3 weeks of “silence” more signs of Paddy the Beaver have appeared! Hooray he’s back!

Gnawing, woodchips, footprints, and missing branches are all signs of Paddy the Beaver at both work and play!

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