Toad BOOK LOOK – Chapter 18 of 19

Chapter 18

Old Mr. Toad’s Mistake

“If” is a very little word to look at, and the biggest word you have ever seen doesn’t begin to have so much meaning as the little “if”. If Jimmy Skunk hadn’t ambled down the Crooked Little Path just when he did; if he hadn’t been looking for fat beetles; if he hadn’t seen that big piece of bark at one side and decided to pull it over; if it hadn’t been for all these “ifs,” why Old Mr. Toad wouldn’t have made the mistake he did, and you wouldn’t have had this story. However, Jimmy Skunk did amble down the Crooked Little Path, he did look for beetles, and he did pull over that big piece of bark. And when he had pulled it over, he found Old Mr. Toad there.

Old Mr. Toad had crept under that piece of bark because he wanted to take a nap. And when Jimmy Skunk told him that he had seen Mr. Hognose the snake that very morning, and that Mr. Hognose had asked after Old Mr. Toad, the very last bit of sleepiness left Old Mr. Toad. He was instantly wide awake. You see, he knew right away why Mr. Hognose the snake had asked after him. He knew that Mr. Hognose has a fondness for Toads. He turned quite pale when he heard that Mr. Hognose had asked after him, and right then he made his mistake. He was in such a hurry to get away from that neighborhood that he forgot to ask Jimmy Skunk just where he had seen Mr. Hognose. He hardly waited long enough to say goodbye to Jimmy Skunk, and he started off as fast as he could go.

Now it just happened that Old Mr. Toad started up the Crooked Little Path, and it just happened that Mr. Hognose the snake was coming down the Crooked Little Path. Now when people are very much afraid, they almost always seem to think that danger is behind instead of in front of them. It was so with Old Mr. Toad. Instead of watching out in front as he hopped along, he kept watching over his shoulder, and that was his second mistake.

He was so sure that Mr. Hognose was somewhere behind him that he didn’t look to see where he was going.

Black Snake like Mr. Hognose

Old Mr. Toad went hopping up the Crooked Little Path as fast as he could, which wasn’t very fast, because he never can hop very fast. And all the time he kept looking behind for Mr. Hognose the snake.

Presently he came to a turn in the Crooked Little Path, and as he hurried around it, he almost ran into Mr. Hognose himself. It was simply a question of which of them was more surprised. For just a wee second they stared at each other. Then Mr. Hognose’s eyes began to sparkle.

“Good morning, Mr. Toad. Isn’t this a beautiful morning? I was just thinking about you,” he said.

Poor Old Mr. Toad couldn’t say good morning. He didn’t say anything. He couldn’t, because he was too scared. He just gave a frightened little squeal, turned around, and started down the Crooked Little Path twice as fast as he had come up. Mr. Hognose the snake grinned and started after him, not very fast though because he knew that he wouldn’t have to glide very fast to catch Old Mr. Toad, and he thought the exercise would do him good.

And this is how it happened that summer morning that jolly, bright Mr. Sun, looking down from the blue, blue sky and smiling to see how happy everybody seemed, suddenly discovered that there was one of the little meadow people who wasn’t happy, and was instead terribly, terribly unhappy. It was Old Mr. Toad hopping down the Crooked Little Path for his life, while after him, and getting nearer and nearer, glided Mr. Hognose.

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