Snow Doodle Design + Naturally Creative Land Art


Winter is full on here in New England and what better time than in the snow to doodle a simple design that gets your creative juices flowing and your happy feet dancing!

For a long time I’ve been inspired by Andy Goldsworthy’s Land Art projects that can be both simplistic in design and complicated to create. From large rock cairns to ephemeral and colorful leaf patterns in the water his work is always tied to nature and as far as I can see very much tied to a sense of PLAY!

Looking for a bit of inspiration? Then visit the Andy Goldsworthy online photo catalog of his land art.

Then it is time to step out and P.L.A.Y. with family and friends and make a bit of art in whatever the winter weather may bring!

Take along your Curious Capkin for added frosty fun adventures!