A Simple Gift: You Are A Creative

Local bookshop window banner “CREATE” – Yes Please!

There are times when I just want to shout from the nearest hilltop:


Be Creative, We Are ALL Creatives!

(*insert 1980’s high school basketball cheer rhythm to go along!)

It is my belief that we are ALL creatives with a natural ability to learn daily through P.L.A.Y. .

In all ages and stages, simply by engaging with our senses, being present, and sharing our unique perspectives and how we see the world we creatively build over time this thing called “my life”.

I’d rather spend my days actively engaged in P.L.A.Y. mode connecting to and being curious in both the natural world and with those I meet in my daily travels all along the way. And by the end of my days it is my intention to have created and sustained a life described as both “beautiful, challenging, and filled with love and oodles of P.L.A.Y. moments”.

Creating is a wholehearted lifetime adventure and I’m all in!

Are you ready to tune in to your naturally creative self?

Take your first step by simply heading outdoors for a solo ramble through the forest and soak up the sights and sounds. Or gather up a friend or the whole family to join you on a nature adventure in the garden or down by the babbling brook. Be the creative you were meant to be and weave together your own lifetime of naturally enriching P.L.A.Y. moments.

Help CREATE a P.L.A.Y. nature movement. Pass this on!