Nature Poop Post #22

A magical moment in any outdoor adventure is to find . . .


Who left this behind?

Oh Deer!

SCATBEDOODOO is a new special combination of two P.L.A.Y.ful things:

SCAT = animal poop.

SCAT = the improvised singing of nonsense syllables in jazz music like bop-doo-wop.

What to do on this special occasion?

1. Watch your step and look with your eyes not your hands (no touch!)

2. Draw or take a snapshot of the poop to later decipher which field or forest animal left behind this special clue.

3. Then sing your own verse of SCATBEDOODOO to celebrate discovering which animal has passed this way before you!

What other natural treasures did you find in your P.L.A.Y. today?

Draw, write, color, and creatively capture your discoveries on the pages of your very own Nature Adventure book!