About the creator of P.L.A.Y.Captured 2010-6-4 00053

Karen is . . .

naturally curious and drawn to spending time in nature,

an intuitive mama to two amazing (now grown) kiddos,

a 20+ year veteran homeschool visionista,

happily married for 30+ years to her best friend,

a forever explorer wandering and following the road less traveled,

a former elementary educator and current creative change agent,

a student of positive psychology, yoga, meditation, and wholeheartedness,

an active participant and resident in an intentional farming community,Captured 2010-6-4 00054

a passionate possibilitarian – aka – always asking *imagine* or  *what if*,

an organized manager-in-chief of a family of four household,

a student of compassionate listening and communication,

a solopreneur and creator of  * P.L.A.Y. *

a self-publishing author of creative *P.L.A.Y.* guides,Captured 2009-8-28 00003

an individual making the most of her own hero’s journey,

a lover of dragonflies, rainbows, coloring, creativity, and children’s literature,

a New Englander at heart for 50+ years and counting,

the author of her own story and enjoying the adventure,

and always a work in progress and ready to P.L.A.Y. !!!

Sending Smiles ~Karen ;0) ❤ ❤ ❤

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