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How can I be of service?

  • Share my learned experiences of homeschooling for the past 20+ years
  • Offer encouragement for you and your family to engage daily with nature P.L.A.Y.
  • Support your journey through my P.L.A.Y. nature blog

Let’s Connect!

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Thanks for Caring!

 I value spending my time P.L.A.Y.-ing in nature AND connecting to this great community of folks who are eager and willing to do the same. If it feels like I am slow to respond by email simply know that I am continuing to walk-the-walk and doing the work by P.L.A.Y.-ing outdoors and I will circle back to the office to reconnect with all of you as soon as possible.

Everything unfolds exactly as nature intended = at a P.L.A.Y. pace! 🙂

Thank YOU!

Thanks so much for taking the time to connect.

I appreciate your willingness to reach out, explore, and share on this P.L.A.Y.-filled journey!

Please pass P.L.A.Y. forward.

Sending Smiles throughout the Seasons ,

Karen   🙂