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If you’d like to consider homeschooling or unschooling your kiddos then this one page is the place to help you find 99% of your answers to get started and inspiration to keep going!

 Contact Karen at P.L.A.Y.

For 1:1 support, mentoring, and guidance about homeschooling Karen is here to be of service.

My experience as both an elementary educator and over 20+ years as a veteran homeschool mama in the state of Massachusetts as well as a compassionate communicator and listener provide me with the skills to help set you and your family up for success on this new learning journey.

My consulting is a pay-what-you-can option with waivers available so that ALL families are welcome to make use of my services.

Suggested $5 – $30 sliding scale per hour rate or your own determined one time flat fee.

Payment is not the priority.

Priority #1 is providing families with the tools and confidence to navigate homeschooling.

My mentoring is a way of paying it forward to the homeschool community.

By working together with you, our efforts will benefit our local and larger communities for generations to come.

I’m here to help.


For basic logistics and the answer to “how do I start homeschooling if my child was already previously enrolled in school?” all you need in Massachusetts is to read the pages at AHEM Advocates for Home Education and MHLA Massachusetts Home Learning Association.

If you live outside of Massachusetts scroll down below for further information.

Really, you CAN do this!

Are you crunched for time and need 1 resource to “cover it all” as you try homeschooling?

Laura Grace Weldon’s Free Range Learning: How Homeschooling Changes Everything is the only book you’ll need to get on track for the whole family. No extra curriculum costs required! Any other purchases for your homeschool journey are absolutely optional as all you truly need is a good old library card and bonus if you have access online to the world wide web.

Sound too good to be true?

Check out my entire series, chapter-by-chapter summary outline here, on how her one book aligned with all that my family did for 20+years of homeschooling.

This book and homeschool plan is a true game changer.

Time to P.L.A.Y. – Yes YOU Can!

P.L.A.Y. is here to help the whole family with daily activities and support:

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Still not 100% sure?

Then read the posts linked below to put your mind at ease.

You’ll be glad you did!

Summary of Chapters through Reviews & Reflections

To sample the topics covered by Laura Grace Weldon in the Free Range Learning: How Homeschooling Changes Everything book read this Reviews & Reflections series written by Karen at P.L.A.Y. by clicking on the chapter links below.

Chapter 1 – Natural Learning Happens Everywhere

Chapter 2 – Nurturing the Learner

Chapter 3 – Work, Play, and Other Essentials

Chapter 4 – Connecting with Others

Chapter 5 – Collaborating Benefits Everyone

Chapter 6 – Homeschooling Changes Everything

Chapter 7 – Adventure Homeschooling

Chapter 8 – Field Tripping

Chapter 9 – Full Spectrum Learning

Chapter 10 – Science & Nature

Chapter 11 – Math

Chapter 12 – Physical Education/Health

Chapter 13 – The Arts

Chapter 14 – Language Arts/Foreign Language

Chapter 15 – History

Chapter 16 – Volunteerism, Ethics, Spirituality


If you are looking for a sounding board for your thoughts on homeschooling send me an email at and lets get this conversation started.

If you are looking for just the answers to FAQ’s for homeschooling in Massachusetts then go to these two excellent online resources (including MA laws, guidelines, and requirements):

AHEM – Advocates for Home Education in Massachusetts

MHLA – Massachusetts Home Learning Association

*If you are looking for homeschool information and you live outside of Massachusetts simply key word search:

Homeschooling + (insert your state name here)

**If you’d still like to connect with me I can speak with you in regards to the day-to-day living experiences of a homeschooling family however I can not speak to the requirements that are specific to each state (or specific school districts) other than my experiences in Massachusetts.

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and join the play-filled journey today!