A Simple Gift: Childhood Memory Lane

Passing forward this Simple Gift to inspire and encourage everyone on their naturally curious and creative P.L.A.Y. journey. 🙂

Making Memories = Nature + Play + Imagination

All Ages – Any Time!

Your childhood memory lane can be a wonderfully creative place to revisit and P.L.A.Y.

Think of how you enjoyed spending your childhood.

What made those moments sweet for you?

Was it a fresh box of crayons and a new coloring book?

Building mini-forts with blankets and couch cushions?

Bulldozing in the sandbox?

Reaching for the moon on a swing?

Time to revisit some of your magical moments.

Mud pies or sand castles? It is all up to you! 🙂

By spending a little time re-visiting those P.L.A.Y.-filled moments you are actually making space for new ideas to bubble up to the surface and express themselves in your creative adventures.

Curious Capkins in a Castle by the Creek

And yes, I mean truly revisiting them, both indoors and outdoors.

On the next rain or snow day pull the cushions off the couch, take a few sheets or blankets out and set up a fort. Complete the scene with a tea set and this time you can fill it with REAL tea! Now soak up the sounds of rain on the roof or watch the snowflakes float by and let your imagination engage for awhile.

Trust me, this will fill your tank with the simple gift of being present in the moment which leads to more creativity down the road.

Or go visit your childhood memory lane and chase a few fireflies and say hi to the man on the moon or whomever you see up in the sky on a warm summer’s night. Spy a shooting star on a cold winter’s eve as you cuddle up to a campfire with cocoa and marshmallows on hand.

Simply make the time to P.L.A.Y. – you and your creativity will be glad you did. ❤ ❤ ❤

A portion of “my little creative corner” where every day magic meets inspiration with plenty of play through coloring, writing, doodling, combined with the magic of my daily adventures out in nature.

Sending Smiles,

Karen ;0) 🙂

Bonus = Be sure to bring along your favorite kiddo(s) to share in these magical experiences with you! ❤ ❤ ❤

BOOK LOOK – Winter Is Coming by Tony Johnston

 ~ ~ ~ BOOK LOOK ~ ~ ~

Winter Is Coming

by Tony Johnston

Karen’s short + long of it with P.L.A.Y.ful story preview & P.L.A.Y.-filled activity adventure suggestions.

P.L.A.Y.ful story preview (short):

Watching + Waiting + Wishing for Winter

Fleeting Fall

Childhood Charm

Animals in Action

Sketching Through A Season

P.L.A.Y.-filled activity adventure suggestions (long):

  • Challenge: Experiment with patience and quiet and “see” what you can “hear” visiting one spot daily.
  • Super Challenge: Focus simply on one type of plant, or specific weather feature (temperature/precipitation/etc), or telltale sign of one common local animal as a way to specifically observe seasonal change.
  • Super-Duper Challenge: How do you know when one season is over and another has begun? What clues do you experience on your Nature Adventures?
  • Super Spectacular Challenge: Does the shifting of the season happen at the same time each year? Or does it feel like it changes a bit? Be a citizen scientist and look back in your nature adventure journals to see if there are any changes to when a season begins and ends.

Capkins LOVE to be read to – especially P.L.A.Y.-full nature themed story books!❤ ❤ ❤

  Be sure to visit and support your local library! ❤ ❤ ❤