Barn Cat Beware – P.L.A.Y. in Practice

See a sweet “Barn Cat Beware”  video on Pinterest HERE!

P.L.A.Y. – Passionate Learning All Year is a daily practice we can put into place while engaging with nature and especially when making connections with animals (and humans!). We have this opportunity often at our home in a farming community.

This outdoor barn cat, Mitzi, very much likes to be around humans when it is on her terms.

When she first arrived we had to place this “don’t pet” sign at our front door so that all visiting humans knew to look and not touch even though she looks so furry and friendly and even acts as if she’d like to be petted.

Her owner, my daughter, has been able to make great strides in gaining her trust and is now able to pick her up and give great purring cuddles. However this relationship is only with her owner at this time and the rest of us continue to work on earning her trust, learning what works for her, and approaching with respect.

Mitzi has become a much loved addition to the farm atmosphere here at our home and does well at keeping the rodents out of the barn and with out a doubt provides another opportunity for us to engage in P.L.A.Y. daily.

May you and your family also be finding plenty of P.L.A.Y. in Place adventures!