Family Gardening #2: Food + Flowers – Buy Seeds!

P.L.A.Y. in Place with a Plan – Time to Get Growing!

Curious Capkins checking out some seed varieties my family selected for this year’s garden.


This is all about you and your family!


Each week P.L.A.Y. hopes to highlight some of the foods and flowers we are growing or are being grown locally with some special add-on features like how we and our community are making use of these garden goodies.

Note: This series will be following the seasons and growing patterns according to living here in a Zone 5 northern New England climate and so you’ll need to adjust some things accordingly.


P.L.A.Y. is here to encourage you and your family on your gardening journey simply by posting some of our experiences as inspiration and basic prompts to growing food and flowers.


The specific gardening needs you have, including types of seeds this week, can be answered using your favorite search engine online seeking DIY instructions as well as library eBooks and audiobooks (especially as we are all asked to continue to P.L.A.Y. in Place at the time of this posting).

My daughter is partial to buying flowers that attract butterflies as well as having fun with a few other varieties.

Begin – BUY SEEDS!

  1. I’ve overheard my green-thumb-go-to-folks talk about buying seeds from a few favorite companies online usually beginning in March on through until April. They also buy seeds at the local farmer’s co-op in addition to buying some harder to grow plants later on in the season to put straight into the ground. Purchase what you can, where you can, with organic being a priority.
  2. Also it is key to start with what you and your family love to eat most. Cucumbers for example are great for growing and munching straight out of the garden. No cooking or prep time required!
  3. Read the seed packet to find out how to create seedlings and when the correct timing would be. For example in our Zone 5 area cucumber seeds are put in containers at the beginning of April and the seedling is ready by about 6 weeks later at the end of May to go in the ground.
  4. If you are catching this post later in the spring season no worries either buy a few plants at your local garden nursery or even cut up some potatoes to plant directly in the ground!

Loads of dark greens for our green smoothies and fun to pick tomatoes are top on our list!

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More about what this P.L.A.Y. series is offering:

  • If you are new to gardening this series is designed to encourage you and your family to take small steps towards growing foods of any kind and any amount.
  • If you’ve tinkered with gardening in the past and things didn’t always work out this series is here to encourage you to try again AND do it as a family focusing on each individuals strengths to help it all come together.
  • This series will offer up suggestions for basic leaping off points where you and your family can begin and choose to deep dive or keep it simple in the world of gardening.
  • Most of all this series will be a source of encouragement and hopefully an inspiration to simply get in the dirt (aka garden) and P.L.A.Y. and the rest will “bee what it will bee”.

Simply BEE!