Family Gardening #1: Food + Flowers

A P.L.A.Y. Project with a Special Purpose:

Grow Foods

Grow Flowers

Grow a Healthy Family that P.L.A.Y.’s Together

P.L.A.Y. in Place with a Plan – Time to Get Growing!

If you are simply ready to jump in on this P.L.A.Y. Project tune in every Sunday to see the P.L.A.Y. plan unfold HERE.

If you’d like to know more about the motivation behind this P.L.A.Y. project READ ON!

In these unexpectedly challenging times we are all asked to do what we can where we can to make a difference in our own lives and in each others lives.

Growing foods, any kind and any amount, together as a family is certainly one way to have a positive impact on your health, budget, well-being, and has a ripple effect out into your communities.

Growing flowers also has beneficial effects for both attracting pollinators and for human sensory pleasure and so much more.

A P.L.A.Y. Short Story – Three Green Thumbs

My husband has a green thumb when it comes to growing foods and although he’d say he has a lot to learn I’ve seen proof arrive in my kitchen that the guy I call “Mr. Science” seems to know a thing or two about starting with a seed and ending up with a meal on our plate.

My daughter has a green thumb too when it comes to growing flowers and has been especially motivated to grow ones that attract butterflies (of which she has become well versed over the years) and she also lends a hand in the food gardens as needed.

My son has been a willing helper in harvesting our garden foods, putting food by in the kitchen freezer, and making our daily green smoothies. He can help keep plants alive both indoors and outdoors and has learned a great deal about wild edibles. I consider him in the green thumb club too.

I on the other hand have always felt I had the brown thumb of the family never being able to keep plants alive in the house or outdoors. I am also hard pressed to be able to identify any plant when it is simply all green without fruit on it or the names of most flowers. Weeds vs. garden plants, forget about it I have no clue. I sneeze and get watery eyes the minute we turn over the dirt in the garden or enter our community greenhouse. A green thumb I am not.

And yet the irony is I am vegan and plants tend to be a key ingredient to my diet as well as my 80% plant based diet family. I am also a nature lover immersing in flower gardens, food gardens, as well as the forest and meadows of where I live bringing along my Capkin for creative P.L.A.Y. moments.

And so over the years I’ve learned  to do what I can both outdoors and in the kitchen without a green thumb: by making green smoothies + juices and recipes using harvested ingredients, seeking local CSA’s for grains and farmer’s markets for extra veggies, berry picking in bulk at local farms, gathering wild berries, prepping and preserving foods by washing + cutting + freezing or dehydrating, and the list goes on.

I have come to value very much that as a family of four we are able to use both our time and talents to cover many of the bases when it comes to gardening and having healthy fresh foods in our meal planning. And by making the conscious choice to live in an intentional farming community over the past five+ years we continue to learn from our gardening and farming neighbors and fill in many food (and flower) gaps together.

This year my family seems to be kicking it up a notch with a few new goals in the growing department. Seems like a perfect time to take a few photos and share our P.L.A.Y. Plan!

Sneak Peak at the Next few Weeks!

Curious Capkin Sees Seedlings!

Stay tuned for more of this Family Gardening series story – including green thumb photos along the way – and all unfolding in real time throughout the spring, summer, and fall!

Next up Post #2 following this series through the seasons:

P.L.A.Y. with a Plan in Place – Time to Get Growing!


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