Love Rocks x2!

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This sweet duo were found on one of my daily summer walks at the river up here in the hills of Western Massachusetts. A true delight! Oh happy day!

Making a nature discovery is a wonderful way to bring the magic back into your life as well as a reminder to simply be in awe and walk in wonder of all the gifts nature has made.

May you and yours get outside and P.L.A.Y. today!

Whether it is on a lunch break, an end of the day fresh air moment, or a full day exploration over hill-and-dale the focus is on the quality of your time spent connecting to each other and nature.

Be well, be safe, and simply Beeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Fall #40 – Nature Alliteration Adventure

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A November treasure quest for you & your curious Capkin

is to search in nature for . . .

“Happy Hidden Hearts”

Bonus A Fall Find with 2X the Love!

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My curious Capkin & I found this treasure to match the description.

❤ ❤ ❤

What other natural treasures did you find in your P.L.A.Y. today? 🙂

Draw, write, color, and creatively capture your discoveries

on the pages of your Nature Adventure book!