Family Gardening #15: Bonus – Purple Sauerkraut!

Growing Purple Cabbages = Make Great Homemade Sauerkraut!

My husband grew purple cabbages this year and treated himself to the purchase of a new crock so that he could make his own sauerkraut for years to come.

After cutting, shredding, salting, and stuffing the crock full he had to wait for over 8 weeks before the product was ready to compliment our family meals.

During the waiting period he stored the crock full of cabbage in our cellar on a tray and whenever I passed by it to do the laundry I could hear the funny “burbling” sounds and see a purplish liquid gathering around the bottom. It truly seemed like a mysterious science experiment in progress!

He often had to feed it more water (he’s still not sure why) and is working on fine tuning the process for next year including a focus on what cabbages to grow.

All-in-all it was a great P.L.A.Y. garden project and the family is happily consuming the results.



Thanks for stocking our shelves with “Oh my, homemade goodness”!

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Beautiful purple cabbages in progress – July 2020