P.L.A.Y. Project: Snowflakes + Cool Crystals #11

Welcome to my P.L.A.Y. project:
Snowflakes & Cool Crystals

Six-sided snowflake softly landing on ice – cool

More of this snowflake/ice on video HERE

Broken icicle becomes a cool up close snapshot (below)
Icicle with Break in the Bubbles

Mother Nature’s Icicle Edging Completes this Whimsical Goat Barn – So Sweet!

More cool crystal winter snow scenes HERE!

Note: I purchased a new inexpensive macro lens that simply clips onto my inexpensive generic android phone per the recommendation in Kenneth Libbrecht’s book (below) for getting shots of snowflakes and other close-up wonders. Yay – it works!

Expensive equipment really isn’t required to P.L.A.Y. outdoors and collect cool photos to then share your adventures and nature’s wonders with the world!

Just pack a little patience, a ton of curiosity, and oodles of P.L.A.Y.-fulness and off you go!

First post in this cool series found HERE.

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