A Simple Gift: Questions & Curiosity in Nature

Whenever I venture out into nature I always proceed from a place of playful curiosity which often means I return home with more than a few fun questions on my mind.

One memorable outdoor adventure a few years ago had me paired with an equally inquisitive 9 year old who has always been great company when exploring our shared neck-of-the-woods.

As we traveled some of our favorite community pathways we came upon a large tree that had come down in a recent storm. We had fun balancing on top of it and traversing the full length of it up and down and all the while these questions began to bubble to the surface :

Is this a downed tree or is this a log?

What is the difference between a log and just a tree that has fallen?

How long does it have to be down to be called a log?

Is there really a difference?

The questions do not seem to be of much consequence in regards to whether we answered them or not however the fact that they did lead to some lively and engaging conversations was quite the simple and unexpected gift.

On our return trip back through our intentional farming community we asked folks what they thought and surveyed our family members too.

The best part was hearing each person’s reasoning in their answer. Most folks did not pick up their electronic gadget to use a search engine to find * the answer *. Instead they spoke from their life experiences. It was a wonderful thing.

I hope these questions inspire and encourage you and yours to get outdoors and be inquisitive and to share the experience with family and friends.

Curiosity, questioning, and P.L.A.Y. all go hand-in-hand . . . just like walking in the woods with your favorite kiddo!

Sending smiles to help light the way,

Karen & her Curious Capkin!