A Simple Gift: Act * AS IF *

Passing forward this Simple Gift to inspire and encourage everyone on their

naturally curious and creative P.L.A.Y. journey. 🙂

Act * AS IF * you are about to receive the greatest gift.

Then remember that being present is always the greatest gift.

We can learn from every experience, every day, if we simply stay present.

Being present provides an opportunity to grow, practice, and P.L.A.Y.

A simple gift to remember this by is:

A – Abundance   vs.   S – Scarcity

I – Inspiration   vs.   F – Fear

🙂   * AS IF *  🙂

Combine this with connecting to nature and now we are really setting ourselves up for success and true P.L.A.Y.!

Time spent in the great outdoors, a few minutes to a few hours, is a natural way to bring you to the present moment especially if you key into your sensory experience.

Tune in to the hum of the bumblebee on a flower or the babbling brook making its way through the rocky path. Rub the scented pine needles between your fingers or inhale the brisk cool air on a winter’s day. Splash about down in the river or balance on a log. Look for snails in the tall meadow grasses or spy stripey rocks down by the water’s edge.

There are truly countless ways to engage and be present as nature always provides abundance and inspiration if you are willing to put aside your thoughts of scarcity and fear and simply be in the moment.

Time to tuck this gift under your thinking cap and get on with your day.

As always it is time to P.L.A.Y.!!!

Sending smiles,

Karen ;0)

❤ ❤ ❤

A Simple Gift: U-Be-U

Passing forward this Simple Gift to inspire and encourage everyone on their

naturally curious and creative P.L.A.Y. journey. 🙂


You Be You. Period. That is it.

If we all engaged from a place of simply being our original and naturally authentic selves can you imagine what a world this would be? I can. 🙂

If everyone tapped back into what they loved to do as a youth and brought that forward and shared it in their own creative way we’d see innovation, compassion, kindness, and oodles of inspiring moments daily. We’d consistently experience peace, prosperity, and a whole bunch of love to wrap around this planet ten times over. It could happen.

We just need to P.L.A.Y. AND believe in the power of true P.L.A.Y.

From my Capkin to yours sharing a peace-filled P.L.A.Y.-full posy with you.

Think of what you loved to do in your youth. Odds are that is still very much connected to who you are today. Make magic with those special gifts. They are still there within you, just dig a little to unearth those buried treasures that lie close to your heart.

Then be brave and put it out into the world. Go ahead. Whether it is sharing with your family, a friend, a neighbor, or on the big world wide web you’ll be amazed how over time people will start connecting to your special gifts. Passing forward your special way of seeing and being in this world is guaranteed to make the world a better place. Sharing your gifts, sharing YOU, is a simple gift that keeps on giving.


And above all else while you are trying to walk this walk it is vastly important to encourage and honor today’s youth by giving them the space and grace to be themselves too.

Respect your kiddos. As is. No “shoulding”. Simply being present with who they are.

Just imagine all people engaging daily from a place of P.L.A.Y.

Would you love to see a new generation of humans living, loving, and learning on this planet by instinctively tapping into their naturally authentic gifts and sharing them for a lifetime?

I would. 🙂 Oh, what a world this could be! 🙂

Time to tuck this simple gift under your thinking cap for now and head outdoors to let nature work it’s magic.

Let’s go walk the walk . . . P.L.A.Y. time!

Sending smiles,

Karen ;0)

❤ ❤ ❤