A Simple Gift: Questions & Curiosity in Nature

Whenever I venture out into nature I always proceed from a place of playful curiosity which often means I return home with more than a few fun questions on my mind.

One memorable outdoor adventure a few years ago had me paired with an equally inquisitive 9 year old who has always been great company when exploring our shared neck-of-the-woods.

As we traveled some of our favorite community pathways we came upon a large tree that had come down in a recent storm. We had fun balancing on top of it and traversing the full length of it up and down and all the while these questions began to bubble to the surface :

Is this a downed tree or is this a log?

What is the difference between a log and just a tree that has fallen?

How long does it have to be down to be called a log?

Is there really a difference?

The questions do not seem to be of much consequence in regards to whether we answered them or not however the fact that they did lead to some lively and engaging conversations was quite the simple and unexpected gift.

On our return trip back through our intentional farming community we asked folks what they thought and surveyed our family members too.

The best part was hearing each person’s reasoning in their answer. Most folks did not pick up their electronic gadget to use a search engine to find * the answer *. Instead they spoke from their life experiences. It was a wonderful thing.

I hope these questions inspire and encourage you and yours to get outdoors and be inquisitive and to share the experience with family and friends.

Curiosity, questioning, and P.L.A.Y. all go hand-in-hand . . . just like walking in the woods with your favorite kiddo!

Sending smiles to help light the way,

Karen & her Curious Capkin!

Happy Heart Day – Nature’s Love is All Around!

Happy Heart Day Everyone!

Time to step outdoors and go experience Nature’s Love All Around!

Open your eyes, and heart, to see the natural world through the lens of wonder without expectations and you will be amazed at what you will find. By taking daily walks you have the opportunity to experience the simple pleasures that the great outdoors has to offer. Mother Nature loves to put simple surprises in your path and you just need to be present to receive the gift.

I am sure the landscape near you is full of these magical moments too if you simply walk daily with a sense of wonder (with a heartfelt nod and much gratitude to Rachel Carson for her inspiration!)

Rachel Carson – The Sense of Wonder: A Celebration of Nature for Parents and Children

Take a look at more of the HEARTS I’ve discovered over the years on the landscape here at our hilltop home in New England.

Nature’s Love is All Around – Always!

A Simple Gift: Nature Nurtures

Passing forward this Simple Gift to inspire and encourage everyone on their

naturally curious and creative P.L.A.Y. journey. 🙂

Our family has the good fortune of living in an intentional community situated on over roughly 80 acres and the moment we step outside our door we have access to fields and meadows, both a babbling brook and a river, mountain and ridge, forest and old orchards and gardens. And there are animals too. ❤ ❤ 🙂 ❤ ❤

Goats, chickens, ducks, cats and a dog all share our homes and community spaces as well as the wide assortment of woodland creatures that visit us outdoors both day and night like wild turkeys, coyotes, deer, skunk, woodchucks, porcupines, foxes, birds, owls, and so much more.

Living up here in the hilltowns of Western Massachusetts provides daily opportunities to explore, make connections, be in awe of nature, and follow the P.L.A.Y. path.

Each time I take my daily walk I chance upon a new delight and inspiration for my work. Wandering about in wonder and being present always provides the simple gifts of creating new thoughts or connections. Nature always seems to have a wonderful nurturing effect on the mind, body, and spirit.

Looking forward to snowscape season . . . just around the corner! Hooray!


Nature can also bring about the playful, childlike essence in all of us like creating a dam down at the brook, stacking rock cairns at the river’s edge, or building gnome homes in the woods. Racing to see who can sled down a snow covered hillside first, frolicking about with the playful baby goats, or simply getting curious with your Capkin to see what new ice sculpture appeared overnight, are all ways that  nature nurtures that desire in us to be curious and playful and to *be a kid again* or quite simply to be a kid.


Exploring, getting curious, and being present out in nature daily are all wonderful and necessary parts of the P.L.A.Y. journey.

Are you in?

Time to gather up your family or a few P.L.A.Y.-mates, all ages are welcome, step out your door, and begin the adventure today!

And no worries as it is guaranteed that mother nature will have plenty of magic and mysteries, in any season and any outdoor location, just waiting for you and yours to P.L.A.Y.-fully discover if you are simply present to receive the simple gifts.

Sending smiles,

Karen ;0) 🙂

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