DIY – Make your own CAPKIN!

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Tomorrow, Wednesday 9/4/2019, the first Capkin will arrive for the Fall #4 page in the Nature Alliteration Adventure series posted every M/W/F. 

To join in the nature treasure seeking complete these six simple DIY steps to make your own curious and creative Capkin to take on your many outdoor P.L.A.Y. adventures:

  1. Purchase a piece of red felt and small wiggly eyes.
  2. Print the pattern below to cut out a basic Capkin shape (adjust size as needed).
  3. Once the felt is cut slightly overlap the two straight edges to form a cone shape.
  4. Using red thread begin at the top of the cone and sew a whip stitch from top to bottom.
  5. Attach the wiggle eyes with a dot of hot glue or sew on (depending on type).
  6. Make a few extras to put in all your bags and pockets to always have on hand and craft some to share with your friends and family too!


After you get the hang of making this basic Capkin pattern explore various sizes and colors

to add variety and P.L.A.Y.-fullness to bring on your adventures!

More CAPKIN information Click HERE