P.L.A.Y. Project: Snowflakes + Cool Crystals #3

Welcome to my P.L.A.Y. project:

Snowflakes & Cool Crystals

First post in this series is <HERE>.

I continue to P.L.A.Y. in nature whenever the “white stuff” appears out my window.

Visit  PINTEREST <here> to watch a magical moment as two snowflakes melt into one natural art piece as a beautiful black silhouette.

The snow “storms” that are sporadic and not too heavy seem to produce the best close-up snowflake snapshots. This is a wide view of how the meadow looks after this type of storm, covered in snowflakes, as the blue sky reappears.

Visit PINTEREST <here> to watch nature’s full effect including a little “snow spinner” with the wind whipping up in the meadow.

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Engaging with this project continues to feel P.L.A.Y.-filled , both a positive challenge and like a work in progress, so I will forge ahead with rereading the books below while looking for more details and also looking for outdoor opportunities to test out new techniques.

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Join me in this P.L.A.Y. project by reading Ken Libbrecht’s snowflake books:

Stay tuned for more Project Snowflake + Cool Crystal updates!

Curious Capkins love getting outdoors to P.L.A.Y. with you in all seasons and all weather!

Folks of all ages, throw on your snow gear and make tracks to your favorite nature spot and check out those snowflakes!

Ready? Let’s go!

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