TOAD #10: “Look with your eyes not your hands”

After reading The Adventures of Old Mr. Toad (annotated)  and other toad books you may subscribe to the idea “look with your eyes not your hands” whenever you come upon a toad in the woods or garden.

By picking them up you could be harming them in two ways:

  • Toads absorb things through their skin including the water they “drink”. If you haven’t washed your hands you could be passing along oils and bacteria that are not harmful to you however it likely is for the toad.
  • If you pick up a toad from the middle or by the legs you could injure them and they likely will not heal and therefore die.

This “grumpy” looking toad, although seemingly unharmed, might have put on a smile if this fellow had read The Adventures of Old Mr. Toad and known to have left the toad alone in the garden and just appreciated him by taking a photo or sketching him instead!

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The Adventures of Old Mr. Toad (Annotated):

A P.L.A.Y. Nature Activity Story Book 

by Karen L. Willard

Join Peter Rabbit and friends on adventures discovering all about Old Mr. Toad and his days spent in and out of the water!

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