Animal BOOK LOOK – Chapter 26 – Fisher

Chapter 26


“There is one remaining member of the Weasel family for us to speak of,” began Mother Nature, when she started up the learning session at the old meeting place in the Green Forest the morning after their visit to the Smiling Pool.

“Pekan the Fisher, sometimes referred to as Blackcat, lives here in the Green Forest too. His coat is a brownish-black, light on the sides, and browner below. His nose, ears, feet and tail are black. He gets his name of Blackcat from his resemblance to a Cat with a bushy tail, though on the ground he looks more like a black Fox. He lives in the pine and spruce forests and prefers to be near swamps. He is a splendid climber and also spends quite as much time on the ground. He is even livelier in the trees and can catch a Squirrel up there and often does. He isn’t afraid of leaping to the ground from high up in a tree, and often when coming down a tree he comes down headfirst. He is very fond of hunting the cousins of Jumper the Hare and is so tireless that he can run them down. He is very clever.”

“Do you all remember how frightened Prickly Porcupine was when I merely mentioned Pekan the Fisher. It was because Pekan is almost the only one Prickly Porky has reason to fear. If Pekan is hungry he doesn’t hesitate to dine on Porcupine. He has learned how to turn a Porcupine on his back, and, as you have already found out, the under part of the Porcupine is unprotected.”

Fisher – Illustrated by Louis Agassiz Fuertes

“Just why Pekan should be called a Fisher, I don’t know. True, he eats fish when he can get them, although he isn’t a water animal and doesn’t go fishing as do Billy Mink and Little Joe Otter. He is especially fond of Rabbit and Hare. He is so strong that he can kill a Fox and often does. Bobby Coon is a good fighter and much bigger and heavier than Pekan, and yet he is no match for Pekan.”

“Now this ends the Weasel family. That’s only one family of the order of Carnivora, or flesh eaters. There is another family you all know so well that I think we will take that up next. It is the family to which Reddy Fox and Old Man Coyote belong, and it is called the Dog family.”

“Tomorrow morning when you get here, I may have a surprise for you.”

  1. Do you have any members of the Weasel family living near you? Which ones? How do you know? Tracks? Scat? Trail Camera? Or?
  2. Visit this LINK from the Mass Audubon Society to see a fisher and read historical and current findings on their local habitat, food & diet, life cycle, etc.

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